Snow Scraper Glove
Snow Scraper Glove
Snow Scraper Glove
Snow Scraper Glove
Snow Scraper Glove
Snow Scraper Glove
Snow Scraper Glove

Snow Scraper Glove

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Remove Snow With Warm Hands, Don't settle for freezing fingers!

There's nothing worse than having to clear the snow and ice off your car, especially when you don't have your gloves with you. Keep your hands warm and your car windows clear this winter with our Snow Scraper Glove.

Great for clearing ice off your windshield without having to go through the whole putting on gloves process- just pick it up and scrape. You can even use your other hand to hold your coffee. 

It comes with a durable fabric glove built right in. The glove features a heavy-duty ice scraper surrounded by a soft plush lining to keep your hand warm, dry and frostbite free. Just don't leave this glove at home too.

  • SUPER Sturdy and Waterproof Fabric
    These plush lined thick ice scraper mittens constructed with waterproof 600D oxford fabric for the outer shell which features excellent water resistance, durability and longevity, is hard to wear out in the rain and snow, While keeping your hand warm and comfortable dry while scraping the ice off your car windshield in every freezing winter morning.

  • Thick warm plush lined interior
    Thick and soft plush lined interior, the gloves look stylish but work better too, just slip your hands up and start your snow-scraping process without pinching the wind and the penetration of the water.
  • Snow/ice scraper built into the mittens
    The snow pusher built into the gloves carefully, hand in hand and firmly hold the handle of the scraper inside the gloves, and scrape the ice or snow without touching snow in hand.

  • Sharp blade scratches ice effortlessly
    Super sturdy clear plastic scraper blade is sharp and strong, can easily cut through thicker ice without scratching glass. Snow cleaning becomes easy, it saves your time and effort while not damaging the car windshield.

  • One size fits all
    The wrist is of high elasticity, can be stretched to fit different hand sizes, and keeps the wrist of each size firmly and comfortably adjusted. Fitted men and women, no size worries. Include one piece for the left or right hand, not the pair.

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  • Material: Waterproof 600D Oxford Fabric Plush
  • Size: 14inch / 35.5cm (total length) x 6.5inch / 16.5cm (width)


  • 1 x Snow Scraper Glove


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