Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart [Ages 7 to 12]
Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart [Ages 7 to 12]
Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart [Ages 7 to 12]
Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart [Ages 7 to 12]

Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart [Ages 7 to 12]

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Time Management Skills is often regarded as one of the most important indicators for success for adults in the workplace. Therefore, it is crucial that we set our children up for future career success by instilling good time management skills in them from an early age.

Positive Reinforcement helps our kids in goal-setting and gives them something to strive for - A clear and obtainable reward, along with the knowledge that it can slip away from their grasp if they fail to complete the tasks.

Many parents have found that Chore Charts and Reward Charts help to instill a sense of responsibility, and encourage independence in their children.

Set clear tasks or chores for your children to complete with our Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart, such as:

  • Reading
  • Practicing The Piano
  • Completing Homework
  • Cleaning The Room
  • Exercising


And more!

Kids also love accumulating the colorful, star-shaped stickers and they make it really easy to keep track of positive behavior. 

This chart places an emphasis on your kid's daily and weekly schedule on an hourly basis and could be more appropriate for older children as they generally have more tasks to complete.


    • Magnetic
      Installation is a breeze. No need to hang or nail the Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart on the wall. Sticks on easily to metallic surfaces such as Fridge Doors without causing any damage. 

    • Coated With High-Performance PET Film
      Write on the chart with any regular Marker Pen. PET Film is not only dust-resistant, but can also be erased cleanly and easily without leaving unsightly marker stains even after longer periods of time.

    • Flexible & Portable
      The Classic Homework Reward Chart can be curved or bent to fit and stick onto a non-flat surface. Suitable even for Fridges that have a slightly curved surface. It is also highly portable and can be rolled up if needed.
    • Waterproof
      Prevents written tasks and rewards from being erased accidentally.
    • Fully Customizable
      Every child is different. Whether your child is 3 years old or 9 years old, his needs and wants will be different. Use the markers to write out tasks, chores or homework and decide yourself what rewards they deserve.
    • 40 Different Task/Chore Magnetic Stickers
      40 Brightly Colored Chore Stickers T Choose From! 
    • Star-shaped Stickers
      Encourage positive behavior with our star rewards system by awarding your child with stars for completing certain stars. You can allow them to exchange these stars for a reward when they have accumulated enough stars later on.



  • Dimensions: 60 cm X 40 cm / 20 inches X 16 inches
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm / 0.02 inches
  • Material: Iron Powder, Rubber, PET film



  • Responsibility Schedule Reward Chart
  • Magnetic Stickers For 40 Different Chores
  • Marker Pens
  • Eraser
  • Star Stickers

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