Magic Christmas Tree
Magic Christmas Tree
Magic Christmas Tree
Magic Christmas Tree
Magic Christmas Tree
Magic Christmas Tree

Magic Christmas Tree

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Although it may not be your traditional huge Christmas tree but what counts is your child's experience and happiness during this festive season. What brings more joy to your child than having them watch their own Christmas tree grow!

With our Magic Christmas Tree you can grow your own little tree at home! Just mount the individual parts of the tree according to the instructions, place it in the support, water it, and observe the tree that will be slowly wrapped in green twigs.

This is something your kid has not heard of before and without a question, it is the perfect christmas gift for your loved ones!


  • Long Lasting: It could last for a month which gives your child a month long of happiness this Christmas season!
  • Grows Fast: Your child will literally see a spectacular scene wherein it will germinate within 30 minutes, sprout within 1-2 hours and fully grown in 24 hours.
  • Teach your kid to be responsible in a fun way: Our Magic Christmas Tree needs to be in a good environment always especially when its growing!
  • Non-Toxic: This might look like a DIY science experiment but we made sure to use non-toxic substance for it to be child-friendly to your curious youngsters out there.


"This is cute and fun activity to do with kids! Bought bunch of these for my nieces and nephews!" -Sheena, 36


  1. Unfold the tree
  2. Place the tree in the stand
  3. Unfold the branches to get optimum results
  4. Pour the magic water over the tree and once the tree absorbs the water fully, it will begin to bloom within 4 hours and fully flowered in 24 hours at room temperature.

    How to Care for Magic Christmas Tree

    • Do not touch the Magic Christmas Tree once it has begun to bloom as the blossoms becomes fragile
    • To get the best result, keep it away from wind & sunlight.
    • Keep it at room temperature

    Magic Christmas Tree


    • 1 x Magic Christmas Tree Package


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