Fishing Lure Saver
Fishing Lure Saver
Fishing Lure Saver
Fishing Lure Saver
Fishing Lure Saver
Fishing Lure Saver
Fishing Lure Saver
Fishing Lure Saver

Fishing Lure Saver

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Snagged and hung up fishing lures is one of the problems in fishing. Our Fishing Lure Saver is rigged with a 175Lb Spectra Braid Line that will effectively retrieve your snagged lures from underwater debris.

Instead of pulling them or trying to use brute force that could permanently damage your favorite lure, Our Fishing Lure Saver is designed to safely and effectively retrieve your lure back in one piece .

Fishing Lure Saver is absolutely an essential item to carry in your tackle box and to save your money and time by retrieving your favorite lures. It can be used for shore fishing, boat fishing, and pier fishing too.

Effective Bait Retriever - We know fishing lures aren't cheap. Our Fishing Lure Saver can effectively bring your favorite bait back, there is no need for you to worry about losing them anymore.

Durability & Stability - Our Fishing Lure Saver is made of nothing but durable stainless steel and copper, It comes with anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and high performance of stability and durability.

Complete Package - The Fishing Lure Saver is supplied with 30m PE line to use with lure retriever together, 80kg maximum tension, excellent working efficiency within 15m distance.

Elaborate Design - The Fishing Lure Saver helps you safely recover artificial hard baits and preventing them from sinking or breaking when you try to pull them using brute force.


  1. Put the fishing line horizontally attached to the threader.
  2. Bolt the fishing line into the ring.
  3. Pull the fishing line from back to the front of the ring.
  4. Place the fishing line inside the ring.
  5. Raise the fishing rod and tighten the fishing line while relaxing the retriever line, so that the retriever line will slide down.
  6. Pull or shake the retriever line repeatedly to make the retriever slide down and confirm that the lure is attached to the retriever.
  7. Pull the retriever rope to retrieve the trapped bait.


  • Line Material: PE
  • Lure Retriever Material: Stainless Steel + Copper
  • Suggested Distance: within 15m / 49ft
  • Lure Retriever Size(L * W): Approx. 11 * 2.5cm / 4.3 * 1.0in
  • Line Coil Diameter: Approx. 5cm / 2.0in
  • PE Line Total Length: Approx. 30m / 98ft
  • PE Line Diameter: Approx. 0.66mm / 0.03in
  • PE Line Pulling Force: About 80kg
  • Weight: Approx. 129g


  • 1 x Fishing Lure Saver
  • 1 x PE Line


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