Dinosaur Sand Mold
Dinosaur Sand Mold
Dinosaur Sand Mold
Dinosaur Sand Mold
Dinosaur Sand Mold
Dinosaur Sand Mold

Dinosaur Sand Mold

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Sculp a Dinosaur in 5 Minutes!

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Your kids can now enjoy hours of outdoor fun with these great sand molds. They can make a whole dinosaur skeleton in your sandpit or on the beach within a few minutes thanks to this Dinosaur Sand Mold! 

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Sandcastles are everywhere at the beach, but have you seen dinosaur bones? With this Dinosaur Sand Mold, it is possible! Give your kids the gift of fun and adventure with this product! 

  • Lightweight and portable so your kids can play anywhere
  • Can be used as a mold for sculptures or food decoration! 
  • Easy to use. You can make dinosaur bones in a few minutes! 
  • Durable material. Doesn't deform under the sun

How to use:

  1. Find a place in the sand where you can play undisturbed. If you're on the beach, make sure the waves won't reach you! 
  2. Flatten the sand on your are if not flat yet. 
  3. Place down the molds and form them in the same way you want the outcome to look.
  4. Get a part of the mold, preferably on the outer ends so it won't be disturbed when you move the other ones. 
  5. Fill it with sand. Tamp a bit to make it firm. Make sure there is enough sand to fill the whole mold. 
  6. Place the mold back where you took it. The sand should drop on its own.
  7. Remove the mold carefully so the formed shape wouldn't be distorted. 
  8. Repeat steps until you finish your dinosaur skeleton! 


  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 

Package Includes:

  • 10 Pcs. Dinosaur Beach Bone Molds


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