Crystal Glass Pen
Crystal Glass Pen
Crystal Glass Pen
Crystal Glass Pen
Crystal Glass Pen
Crystal Glass Pen

Crystal Glass Pen

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Channel Your Inner Mystical Creativity With This Pen!

Our iconic spiral design has been handcrafted from just one single piece of stained crystal glass. This majestic range of colors creates a magical experience for any artist looking for inspiration.

Its light-weight design makes you feel like you are holding nothing at all. Perfect for those who find themselves lost in their work for hours on end. We created the Crystal Glass Pen to give the freedom and creativity back to the artist for whatever their heart desires.

We feel the forgotten skills of ink writing have been lost and we are trying to bring it back in style with a modern feel. Everything from drawing to calligraphy is now possible with a dip of the pen. 

  • Limitless Creativity
    Our glass dip pen offers a unique experience allowing anyone to create by just dipping and drawing
  • Smooth Tip
    The glass pen is specially designed for smooth writing as it minimizes scraping of the paper surface
  • Starry texture
    The spiral design allows you to write about 20 words in one sweep. Great for smooth starry style.
  • Unique Ink Styles¬†
    Inks that are unique to the product and can be used for this only.

    How to use:

    1. Dip the pen slightly in an ink bottle. The tip should be only partially submerged to avoid inkblots.

    2. Glide tip against the ink-bottle opening to drain excess ink. When ink no longer drips down from the nib it is ready to write with.

    3. Use your glass pen to write notes, letters, wedding invitations, etc. (you may want to practice a bit first to get a feel for your pen). Re-dip in ink as necessary.


      • Size: approx 7.2 inches
      • Nib: approx 0.157 inches
        • Material:¬†¬†Glass

        Package Includes:

        • 1x¬†glass pen
        • 5x ink
        • 1x pen holder

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