Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow
Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow
Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow
Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow
Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow
Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow

Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow

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According to recent studies, Infants falling out of bed contributes to 5.9% of childhood deaths due to trauma. Every baby deserves all the protection and love we can give, our Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow just does that. 

Wrapped in Soft Hypoallergenic Cotton, this Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow is safe for newborns. It is ultra-soft and breathable for all seasons. High quality and beautiful invisible zipper, allows the liner to be removed for easy cleaning. It is suitable for Newborn Infant - 6 Months old.

It is made of Premium Memory Foam made with an open-cell structure, making it lighter, more breathable, and reduced geat retention. A Nursing Pillow helps the baby's side sleep in a proper comfortable position, protect the neck, and balance the pressure on your baby's skull, enabling the appropriate development of Head Shape.

Its ergonomic design allows your newborn to spend a lot of time sleeping and napping. The sleeping pillow has triangular prism shapes which give good support to the baby's back, relax the back muscles.

The Safety Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow makes a perfect baby shower gift for new or expectant moms!

  • ANTI-ROLLOVER: The small wedge is designed to perfectly tuck your baby's in and prevents them from rolling over. Both you and your baby can now sleep in peace as the first few months can be the most critical time for babies.
  • HEALTHY SLEEPING POSITION: The Large wedge comfortably supports your baby's back or side for good night sleep. This is the sleeping position doctors recommend since if they sleep on their tummy oxygen levels decrease which could be dangerous.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow was created to help deal with the leading cause of Sudden infant death syndrome, Wrong sleeping positions & falling off the bed. It is designed to secure your baby's growing years as it is also fully adjustable up to 10-22 cm. Made out of high-quality breathable polyester to give your baby a safe and comfortable sleep.


  • Material: polyester and cotton
  • Product Size: 43 x 22 x 10cm


  • 1 piece x Anti-Roll Over Baby Pillow


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